(This was my first post ever on Linked In Pulse, and, since it had already been seen 100 times, I thought ‘why not post it in my blog?’)

I don’t know when exactly it happened, but it’s been a long time since I’ve started looking at individuals as trees.

Like trees we grow from a seed our parents planted and fed, nine months later we see the light of day, and then we start preparing to be standing up, by beeing nurtured with all sorts of ingredients that may produce an healthy, strong, long lasting character, depending on how we absorb and transform those ingredients.

Our roots are made of our genetic inheritage, to which family education is added; the trunk is our scholar education and the values and believes we’ve kept from all sorts of information and stories we’ve come across; our branches are our different interests in life; and finally our flowers and fruits are the results we achieve.

How can we measure how strong we are?, you might be asking…

Let me propose a method, a simple selfassessment tool you may keep on reviewing:

In today’s world we’re measured by results, right?

Let’s, then, take our fruits into our kitchen table, slice them and prepare an infusion so that we find out how it smells, how it tastes, and how great it feels when one’s taken it, may we? (In my country we call TEA — actually CHÁ — to any infusion, and I’m asking you to accept that designation as a good one). Let’s review your TEA:

T = Theoretical Knowledge (how you smell…)

E = Efficiency (how your contribution tastes…)

A = Attitude (how strong and energetical are you, so that you’re an experience to others that is hard to forget…)

As you know, you, as a professional, are measured in terms of what you know (T), what you do (E) and who you are (A). The formula  for success is simple; you need:

To know; to know how to do; to know how to behave.

When all aspects are strong, believe me, every company will fight to get you…

Here are some questions you may ask yourself, every once in a while, to help you understand what needs improvement and your attention, as your conscience is the gardener of your own tree:

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Have I been updating myself on my industry development?
  • Have I kept an open line with other professionals, even those working in diverse industries, and listened to their opinions on the state-of-the-art of our profession?
  • Do I keep on reading articles and books about my job essentials?
  • How often do I engage in conferences and forum discussions on my career different aspects?


  • Do I keep an open eye towards the quality of my work?
  • Do I experiment new solutions to solve those aspects of my work I’m not pleased with?
  • Do I keep on training so that I can be seen as the best in my industry?
  • Do I care to experiment what others suggest regarding my job?


  • Do I feel passionate about what I do, or at least motivated?
  • Do I feel my will-to-improve is there every single day?
  • Am I active on helping others improving their own knowledge and skills?
  • Am I kind and available to my colleagues and co-workers who need my assistance so that their performance grows?

Looking forward to see you strengthening and lasting, I’d also love to read your thoughts on this small piece of fruit I’ve laid here for you…

Best wishes, for an healthier world, brightened by your shining future fruits!

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