by Luís Cochofel (luiscochofel.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/luis.cochofel)

Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge? (YourTurnChallenge)

A sense of joy, and clean energy.

That’s my simple answer.

I’ve made it; it feels great to have accomplished a task I’ve decided to take; but most of all, it gives me a great sense of pleasure for having been able to write what I’ve written (now!, with unconditional love!).

Surely, it all needs to be revised and edited, but most of what I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks has now a shape, and all that’s there to be done is to water the seeds already planted and take good care for whatever will grow from them.

Will it be a simple flower to be used in a vase on my kitchen to embelish it for only a few days, or will it have the strength to become a tree and last a thousand years?

All I have to do now is to be a good gardener, while cooking can wait…

Grateful for the challenge to have come my way!

Note: I already had accomplished my challenge before this post, as I’ve written and shipped a note about an event I’ve been at last night. It is written in my native language, Portuguese, so, as most of all viewers of this blog wouldn’t understand it, I didn’t consider it as a part of this.

It is ,anyway, already something I can show as a proof of the results I’ve taken from this challenge: I’m more attentive to what surrounds me, after these few days writing small notes about how to deal with our peers, and that makes it easier for me to express what I wanted to say and had not ‘shipped’ yet.

And I’m grateful because of that!

P.S.: And what about you? 

What are you taking with you from the blog posts this Challenge led me to write?


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