by Luís Cochofel (luiscochofel.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/luis.cochofel)

Day 6 (YourTurnChallenge)

I’ve always loved music, and I adore learning new stuff every day. In Portugal, my beautiful country (a garden planted close to the sea in the west coast of Europe), we used to learn French as a second language prior to start with English. Let me say that I was a very good French speaking boy when I was twelve –and I’m ashamed to say that I am no longer good enough –, and, as both our languages have a latin base, it was quite easy for me to understand what I’d read or listen to.

When English came into my presence, everything seemed so, but so difficult… I could read, but wouldn’t understand most of what the words meant. A few years back, I’d started listening to songs in English — the Beatles, Percy Sledge, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues and so many others would fill my afternoons –, I was educating my hear to the accent, but couldn’t follow what was being said… at all.

As the need develops the engeneering of a product, and I wanted to improve my language skills, I’ve decided, at the age of twelve, that I would learn the meaning of English words with the help of music. Thus, I’ve started taking the lyrics from the albums I’d found available, and would translate them so that I could understand the meaning of those songs I loved ‘singing along’.

The first song I’ve picked was ‘Father and Son‘, by  Cat Stevens, and it really encouraged me to go on with the process.

George Harrison’s songs — ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps‘ and ‘Something‘ — came immediately after. As the process was a pleasure, I’ve started digging into different things, harder as older friends would call them, such as those lyrics from Atomic Rooster, New Trolls (who used the words of Shakespeare), Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Emerson, Lake and Palmer (do you remember their song called ‘Lucky Man‘?!? I still feel I’m one… and hope there’s no bullet out there for me, ever). They didn’t look that hard.

It was then that a friend challenged me: ‘Do you want something really difficult? Try the songs by YES!’

The first hearing of YES didn’t spark my attention, but then, somehow, I’ve stumbled into the lyrics of a song that really stroke me. May I kindly ask you to LISTEN to it?

It’s called ‘Time and a Word‘ and you can listen to it now, just by following the link I’ve hidden on the title and in here.*

Let me repeat the two sentences that stood there, in my head, and still stand, offering me a new smile at each moment I recall them, every single day of my life:

There’s a time, and the time is now and it’s right for me; it’s right for me, and the time is NOW;

There’s a word, and the word is love and it’s right for me; it’s right for me, and the word is LOVE!

Not only I have fallen in love with the song, I’ve become addict to the band and their strong message: YES! (Can you think of any other word with such a positive vibe?)

Having said that, I’ll now answer the daily question on this challenge; it says:

“Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself.”

A. The first glance I took at a newborn son (two boys and a girl, by the way), made me always feel ‘special’, filled up with energy, warmed as a whole, having no sense of my own body as if I was flying with no control on my hands; please do excuse me if I’m not able to make you understand what I mean, but the smell of a newborn child I call my son, will always be imperfectly described…

B. Receiving an intercontinental call by an old connection asking for my specific advice, immediately before he would enter into the room in that he was about to have what he called ‘the-job-interview-of-my-life’; this moment made me understand how my words and actions were seen by co-workers, and, though it was not the first ‘recognition’ I was receiving, it was a huge surprise coming from that particularly distant person — as he seemed to be when I was a Consultant at the Company he worked for. Ah!… and he’s got the job 🙂

C. I was always surprised by the grades I was getting on ‘English’ everytime I was evaluated in high-school, or at the British Council School later on.

In all these cases, what I feel the need to highlight now is that those moments were the result of having used the principle stated as a title in this blogpost — the opportunity was there; I made what the circumstances called me to, without any hesitation; I’ve put love (inconditional love) in my actions; the results surprised me.

Experiment this yourself! Do whatever needs to be done NOW, with LOVE!… The results will come.


* Notes:
i. I’ve also hidden links to the songs I’ve named, as well as to those I enjoyed the most from the singers or bands I’ve pointed at, so that you can follow on my ‘musical taste’. Hope you enjoy most of them as much as I do, at least.

ii. There are, though, two songs I must include here: John Lennon’s ‘Imagine‘ and ‘So This is Christmas‘, for they have become also as important as YES’s ‘Time and a Word‘.


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