by Luís Cochofel (luiscochofel.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/luis.cochofel)

Day 5

Today’s suggested question is asking what kind of advice I’d give for someone else to get unstuck.

The thing is, that simple question has managed to get me stuck…

But then again, no… I’m not stuck… I’m already writing my daily blogpost though it has nothing to do with the question.

I don’t like to give anything…so I don’t give; I offer. Because I think that the act of giving is aggressive, while offering — as it opens at least two options to the other — is warmer and positive.

Let me try to be clear about this:

Imagine you decide to give a coat to a poor man that you usually see down the road,picking all sorts of things from a garbish container; the coat is, for instance, blue and, of course has THE size that fits you.

Have you asked him which colour he’d choose? Are you sure it will suit him, in terms of size?

Imagine you were the poor man: would you rather have someone giving you things you didn’t ask for, or would you prefer to be granted a choice?


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