by Luís Cochofel (luiscochofel.wordpress.com; https://www.facebook.com/luis.cochofel)

Day 3

A cup of tea is great to warm us up, and if the scent is properly selected, it may have quite an effect on us; depending on the pleasure we felt by flavouring it and its inner energetic characteristics it will also have an influence on how people will see us, don’t you agree?!?

A sense of pleasure will make us smile, and the energy within us will make us shine.

[By the way, may I share a secret with you? I will, anyway…:

TEA means:

T = Theoretical knowledge (to know)
E = Efficiency (to know how to do)
A = Attitude (to know how to behave)

so, when anyone looks at you, at work (when you’re dedicating your time to a hobby it is, in here, seen as ‘work’), what they will be facing is your TEA. They will evaluate you according to what you look like, your scent, the results you produce…]

If you care enough to know a little more about your passion each day, if you’ll experiment new ways of doing (I’ve written ‘experiment’ on purpose: some see a new way of doing things and say ‘I’ll give it a try…’, but what this means is that they’re already prepared to fail and give up; to experiment, though, like scientists do, will take you to a new level of knowledge based upon know-how!), if you commit to excellence, with an engaged and really passionate attitude, how many Clients do you think will be there looking after to having a sip of your TEA?

Take good care of each step you take on the preparation of your TEA, and enjoy the results!

(Note – my direct answer to the proposed question for today would be: we need to turn individual critical entropy into Creative Energy, by showing examples that may suggest dreams that will, I’m sure, lead those individuals to excellence; thus, determine your passion, search for news on its best performers, experiment the techniques they use, improve your skills — just a tiny bit every day, is okay –, and show the world what a passionate individual is capable of… You can make a difference, did you know? Care for a cup of TEA?)


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