by Luís Cochofel (luiscochofel.wordpress.com; https://www.facebook.com/luis.cochofel)

Day 2

So, what does it take to prepare a meal?

Answer: A dream; the will to make it come true; caring about each detail…

Everything starts after a dream, and when one dreams what do we see in it?

The most perfect product (do register that love, for instance, is the product of attention, tenderness, care and respect for someone or something), causing the most delightful sensations on those who’ve been involved, as producers or as ‘clients’, isn’t it?

The dream, then, will be the example we’ll want to follow, will be the leader of our actions. (Note: dreams do not shout!; those other — the aggressive ones — are called ‘nightmares’).

As a ‘Chef’, we must understand that we’re only a ‘Chef’ (a ‘boss’; a commander), whose major task will be to coordinate our team’s efforts so that the dream gets accomplished, and reaches the results we’ve foreseen.

Our first task, then, is to make sure that all our team’ collaborators know our goals, understand them, share them as their own, are passionate by the idea of the delights the outcome will provide to our clients.

Our will to make our dream come true will be shared with so much passion, that all our collaborators will be able to actually see our dream, understand exactly what their role is in such a dream, and will, themselves, want to have the most positive participation towards the imagined outcome. They will give their best. On every detail.

All we’ll need to do now will be to attentively recognize how well each one is performing their own tasks, offering an helping hand every time it seems to be needed.

By the end of the day, when all parts of our meal are assembled, maybe we’ll be astonished by the extra quality we’ve been able to produce. Our clients will notice it…

… and will come back the next day for new delights.

(Editor’s notes: the author believes that:

a. leadership is not performed; it is granted!;

b. everyone has two major goals:

i. to be useful to others;

ii. to be recognized as having been useful to others)

P.S. – another way to answer our ‘Daily Question’ could be:

– What interests me the most is to find ways that allow people to understand the power of dreams and the role of collaboration in pursuing such dreams, and, thus, to taste the sweet flavour its results provide.

Life is so beautiful that we should all enjoy every moment it offers us…


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