A few weeks ago I had an idea — I usually have new ideas every day, just as I’m sure you do too… — that has grown and was about to start fading when, yesterday, I was hit by a blinking neon light stating ‘Luís failed’…

The idea says I should write a small book, oriented for all those whose work is based upon coordinating a group of people, using the image of a ‘Rodízio’ — a Brazilian meal that is the result of the collaboration of several different types of meat, fruit, beans, rice and fries –, to highlight the idea that a ‘boss’ needs to understand the nature of each element of his team and take care of each one’s particular needs in order for the whole team to be in shape so as to offer their Clients the best experience ever.

I’ve been smiling at the idea, when it visits me every now and then, but haven’t set a day to go on the kitchen and start taking pictures …

…and then yesterday I’ve just read a post starting with ‘_________ failed’, and at the end of it the idea on my head started shouting, like a parking neon light, ‘Luís failed’… eheheh… ‘Luís failed’…

I smiled, again.

Then took my camera, and came into the kitchen…

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One thought on “The early stage of a meal

  1. “Failed” I also have the same feeling. The problem is that people talk but didn’t do. We are heroes. Surviving to the government crowded lies. Milu

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