Your first question about why is he at XL corp. is an interesting one and got me thinking.

That’s good…

• Was he always a leader? In which case your answer explains why he is still there, because he is comfortable being there.
• If he has developed into a leader while at the corp. then is he there because he has a good network that supports him and makes his conscience, his reason and his body comfortable being there.
• If he, is in fact a women, is this still the same? Now, this is from personal experience within my mentoring practice but I find that women who demonstrate many of the attributes of a leader lack one key element and that is confidence of what or how other see in them. They have self belief in their ideas, goals, vision and often ability (they know they can get the job done) but do not have confidence that the outside world recognises or values this. This causes them to feel trapped and therefore might find themselves in a corp. that they are not comfortable with.

This leads nicely onto your second question. Why does she have this lack of external confidence when to have risen to a position of leader she must have either:

a) demonstrated considerable skill and success
b) have a good network and communication skills. One possible conclusion is that she sees her worth within the corp. as this is reinforced by the network, skills and success but cannot translate this to outside the corp. and therefore has stayed.

This then means that they level of discomfort/inner conflict of staying within a corp. where her inner ideas may not match exactly those of the corp. are less than the discomfort or perceived discomfort of leaving.

I am not sure I can transfer all of the above so that it relates to the conscience, the reason and the body so I would very much welcome your thoughts. Also, and I realise I am sneaking in another question, do you think the separation of the sexes is reasonable when looking at this?

Lastly, yes of course you can publish your response on your blog, I am happy to share with as many people as possible, I do not believe in keeping things hidden.


Jackie Elliot (third) question:

(…) do you think the separation of the sexes is reasonable when looking at this? (…)

The first time I’ve been at a Dancing Party, in school…
November, 1972.
All the boys I usually played soccer with, were absolutely excited because there would be a Dancing Party in our school, on Saturday.
Although it was November, the day had wakened showing a smiling Sun. It probably was already smiling for it knew that lots of people would have their first lessons about relations between the two natural human genders.
I must confess I was not that excited. From my early days of listening to music, I seemed to be away from the crowd. Everybody loved Lennon-McCartney Beatles’ songs, but I would only keep George Harrison’s ones (Something, Here Comes the Sun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps).
They’ve developed their taste into dance music. I’ve turned into a fan of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (…oh! What a Lucky Man… he was…), Jethro Tull, FOCUS (try to listen to Eruption, ‘Live at the Rainbow’ version… till the end! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGkfR_1KZ_g the last 4 minutes are … I don’t have words to describe it…), and YES (YES, the band… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeTXXNb9hZc ). Not really, dance music…
If they were listening to Demis Roussos I’d rather listen to Tchaikovski, when they were singing some popular song I’d sing something from Led Zepplin…
OK but I’m with the group, so, let’s go dancing…
Once inside (the first music was CHICAGO’s ’25 or 6 to 4’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soLIZ4W0rZw ) I was feeling great…
Everybody was shaking their bodies and smiling at the same time and it was good. The band playing introduced a few songs from Deep Purple and, after about half an hour, they told out loud that ‘the slows’ were starting…
The first slow music was, would you believe it?!, George Harrison’s ‘Something’. Every boy in the room started asking girls to dance and – I hope you already know I AM SLOW… – , by seeing that, I’ve decided to go and do the same.
I’ve taken a look to the girls available and found ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’ was there, and thought ‘that’s the one for me…’. As I was moving towards her she muttered something to the girl next to her, smiling, and, as I’ve asked ‘Would you dance with me?…’ she answered ‘I’m sorry, I don’t feel like it…’. So I’ve looked around, again, noticed that ‘Susan Sarandon’ was looking at me and she also was not dancing so: I’ve moved to her, asked her and she said YES.
So, we’ve danced…
This was my answer to your question about the difference between women and men.
You couldn’t get my point…?
Although it seemed that I was the one taking the lead (asking a girl to dance), the POWER of decision was hers: I have not danced with the girl of my choice, but with a girl that has chosen me.
I honestly don’t see that, if a woman knows what she wants and is comfortable doing her job, others can put any obstacles that will keep her from being a leader.
They are natural leaders of life (they usually are the mothers of small children, aren’t they), so, all they have to do when working at XL Corp or S Corp is to show how ‘fit’ they are.
As well as men.


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