Before you see the video below here: can you answer the question up there?

My opinion will be here, below the video,

Economy and Finance have in common ONLY the dirty money.

Economy and Ecology, share the three first caracters ECO and the final Y. Y is this so?

We, those who work for a living, do ECO-nom-y in a Log-y-cal way: we transform and trade what earth produces.

Financial guys, do not work. They have us as their slaves and play a game.

We can be happy, though, and grow in terms of knowledge.

Can they?

Simple answer: NO!

My new question: should we not start thinking about an ECONOMICAL-LOGICAL Currency based upon hours of work? and forget about Finance?

Let them take baths in bank notes if that makes them happy…

But let’s return to being a means of POSSIBILITIES instead of PROBLEMS.

What do we have to do?

Interconnect and ENGAGE!

I’ll be waiting for you!


One thought on “Collaboration for the discussion about: Economy ? Closer to Finance or Ecology?

  1. I’m not a business expert, Luis, but I agree with everything you say. If we are to survive on this planet and the planet is to survive, then we must all work in an ECO-nomically ECO-LOGICAL way, which means putting the planet first rather than profit or bonuses first. I think one thing that is absolutely necessary is for there to be more openness and honesty in business dealings. ALL accounts, the details of ALL deals, should be openly accessible to the public – there is nothing that should be hidden. That would force businesses, I think, to act in a more ECO-LOGICALLY responsible manner.

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