With my partner DITAME (Rosa Oliveira’s team) I’ve started a Consulting program on the Performance Review for the Development of Collaborators at LinhaCerâmica.
I’ve become an active member at LinkedIn – upon an invitation from Isabell C. Camillo (to whom I’ll be grateful forever) – with the intention of keeping myself actively informed about what’s being thought around the world on the Development of People and Companies and about problem solving – my two focuses of attention.
Been to BETT in London, with CLASUS, in order to see what’s the ‘state of the art’ in what concerns the Interactive Whiteboard and the training Teachers should get to optimize this fantastic tool.
Joined FaceBook (January 21) – found some friends I wouldn’t otherwise. Met some family members with whom I’ve shared delicious conversations. Have stayed mainly because Kare Anderson has told me she rather uses this social media, and I want to stay close to what she tells the world!
Became a member of LEADERS CAFÉ FOUNDATION, at Linked In (February 5), – probably the most important step I’ve taken in my professional and personal life.
I’ve met here, at LCF, a large number of impressive PERSONS, but I have to highlight a few names – Kwai Yu, Jane Chin, Ian Berry, Rémi Côté, Angela Camos, Chris Maher, and felt great to see Terry Paulson joining and participating in our discussions
Became a member of Club Ibérico (July 2) and found some other ‘lost’ friends
Became a member of the DifferenceMakers community, which was born in Australia, by the hand of Ian Berry, and it’s getting more and more interesting.
Been invited by Phil Wilton and Richard Neumann, the founders, of The BizConneXion to be their link to Europe
Gave life to the first public session, at a Café lounge, of the LEADERS CAFÉ FOUNDATION. It was July 21, and I had the pleasure and the honor of having there, live, the group’s founder, Kwai Yu, na audience of around 40 PEOPLE in the room, and about 50 other PEOPLE in such different places as London, Göteborg, Roma, Mumbai, Adelaide, Otawa, Los Angeles… O Café lounge ‘chosen’ for this is ItSo Café, in Porto – Portugal (the owners are: Him, Robert Boogard, from Holland; Her, Jane Boogard, Philippine, born in London…– there could not be found better credentials for such an international idea, could it?…)
In that same day, I’ve received an email from a friend, who had offered me the Port Wine to celebrate the occasion, with a note saying that there would be another important opening in our town later that week: The HUB-Porto was about to be born on July 24.
Of course I had to go to that opening! I’ve met fantastic PEOPLE and I have to highlight four names: Miguel Seabra, Mariana Almeida, Sofia Lage and Jonathan Robinson (The-HUB’s idea founder).
During the party I’ve met an old acquaintance – Carlos Salgueiral – who is now the President of a major Social Enterprise in Porto, who, after hearing what I’m dedicated to, asked me if I could offer him a session that might help their PEOPLE getting more motivated and feeling as a team. My answer was: ‘SURELY!’
On July 27 I’ve got the good news that we, at DITAME, had been selected to conduct the evaluation of 2.500 candidates for the national program that creates opportunities for young graduates to have their first professional experience abroad. Let me assure you we were the small red fish swimming in a pool with sharks who wanted to get that assignment. All we had done to be selected was: work hard in order to meet the expectations of our prospect (as a matter of fact the ‘girls’ at DITAME had developed a perfect system aiming this exact program, and they absolutely deserved the opportunity. At the end of the program our job has been evaluated too, and here’s the mention: ‘An Example to be Followed’ were the words they have found for us…)
I’ve also been told that, now, we needed to find, in Porto, a place to develop our work, once the expected facilities were being renovated. Can you guess which facilities I thought about in the first place? YES! The-HUB!
I’ve spent the whole month of August (and the first week of September) with group activities and individual interviews with 295 candidates. There were only three (3) I wouldn’t support. I have classified 38 as EXCELLENT, and I want to keep a track on their future activities… Seventeen of those have already told me they want me to be by their side…
I’ve participated in the Interconnectedness Day 090909 and I am so proud I’ve met Leo Sonneveld
I’ve finally decided to become certified as a Trainer. I’ve done it in 20 days (intensive training program).
Offered my promised session on the ‘Generation of Motives for Action’ at Benéfica & Previdente (the social enterprise I had promised it to)
Because of that I’ve been offered the chance to facilitate my first ‘certified’ Training Program – it was about ‘The Process of Communication’
I’ve been invited to stay as a Consultant at LinhaCerâmica, once the Administrators found me as a ‘trustable adviser’ (curiously, another friend from LCF, Leanne Hoagland-Smith had called me this in a skype call a few months before, and I have to tell you, I felt honored!), and to start being a Consultant at another company held by one of those Administrators – Equiargue.
I’ve become a member of The-HUB Porto.
I cannot count how many PERSONS I have met for the first time this year, but I can assure you that every ONE was an interesting new finding.
The development potential generated by my activity in this past year is, undoubtedly, enormous.
I want to thank each and every ONE who has crossed my world this year and I wish that your intentions of changing the world into a fantastic place can get closer to real every single day of your lives.


4 thoughts on “So this is Christmas… and What Have I Done? – English Version

  1. Luis,
    How delightful to see your progress as a trusted advisor on collaboration, a central part of my speaking and consulting. Who knows? In this new decade we may find a way to collaborate. I will continue to follow you here and on FB to see if an idea comes to mind and you and your colleagues might find the collaborative methods and success stories here helpful

    For your work on communication these might be helpful

    ~ your fan and colleague, Kare

    • Hi Kare,

      Thanks for your input.

      As you probably know I READ ALL YOUR NEWSLETTERS, at SayItBetter as at MovingFromMeToWe, and I sometimes comment them.

      I’m sorry I have not mentioned it at first in the blog post, but let me tell you that YOU are the reason I’ve stayed active at FaceBook (I don’t know if you remember but, sometime around March, you’ve told me in a private message that you’ve dedicated your focus to this social media channel rather than Linked in).

      The main reason for not having put your name as one of the brighter stars of my year is because you came from 2008 – we’ve met at SynergyStreet.

      I’m sure the future will have a space for our collaboration.

      I still have a lot to do to be as productive and efficient as you are, though, but please count on me to keep on spreading your voice from my corner.

      Have a great year!

      Luís Cochofel

    • Hi Kare,

      Great to find you in here. We touched base a long while ago and I am so glad that you too are supporting Luis.

      Luis has become Leaders Cafe Foundatin’s Portuguese Founder. And I am proud that he should accept that position.

      Would love to link up with you in 2010 to see what synergies we may have to make a difference.

      Best, Kwai

  2. My dear Luis,

    I guess the universe saw fit to connect the two of us together. As I have already said to you in private, collaborating with you is one of my highlights for 2009.

    I know 2010 will be a big year for you and for LCF.

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