Are you ready? TO BE THE DIFFERENCE that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the world?

LEADERS CAFE FOUNDATION comes alive in Porto / Portugal

Invitation – session 0 – July 21-2009 – presentation moment

Jane and Robert Boogaard, the owners of ItSo Café, are delighted to invite you to celebrate the dawn of a remarkable vision and to witness the renaissance of leadership.

Together with Kwai Yu (Founder of Leaders Café Foundation – LCF) and Luís Cochofel (Founder of LCF Portugal), Jane and Robert are turning Leaders Café Foundation into a reality in Porto, Portugal.

LEADERS CAFÉ FOUNDATION is Kwai Yu’s personal vision. It is a vision of a Social Enterprise where café lounges would provide; firstly, leadership education for all, irrespective of people’s ability to pay for that education and; secondly, remarkable employment experience for the needy. In short, the vision is to give ‘life chances’ for all through leadership. In particular, giving life chances to those at the margin of society.

Why focus on leadership?

Well, you only have to look at the 2008 – 2009 economic crisis to know the answer.

Why Café?

Right now, in this moment, millions of critical conversations about the past, the present, and most importantly, the future, are taking place in homes, workplaces, on the Internet, inside institutions, and, inside and outside coffee shops/cafés.

The coffee shop or the café is the third place; we believe, the place where the future will be decided more than anywhere else because the coffee shop/café is neutral ground. All other places where we gather to think, debate, and decide, are open to bias.

The café is the ‘third place’ for friends. Many revolutions were started at a café.

Leaders Café Foundation is an Internet ‘hub’ where people gather online for learning and leadership and to make a difference. The real difference however is made in real time, in real places, where real people gather to discuss and decide. ItSo Café is such a place.

The Third Place

Cafés are people centred and places of unique creativity, community, and conversation. Cafés are places where:

Conversations begin (and often don’t end)
 Ideas are born  We engage in collective discovery
 Kindred spirits meet  Relationships begin
 Lovers make up  Relationships grow

In cafés, perhaps like no other place, we can:

Show Leadership

 Be heard  Contribute
 Listen  Be safe
 Learn  Question
 Laugh  Cry

From Little Acorns…

The first small action that Kwai took towards realising the vision was to create a Linked-In group by the same name in January 2009. The tagline for the group being:

‘This group helps people to achieve business success by de-mystifying the process of moving from KNOWING to DOING to WINNING. Helping people BE THE DIFFERENCE, is how Leaders Cafe Foundation makes a difference.’

The Linked-In group has attracted people from all over the world. People who engage in authentic leadership dialogues and discuss critical leadership attributes and qualities for solving the underlying problems that caused the economic challenge we face today.

In the 6 months since the birth of LCF, it has now established a global group of world-class collaborators. The collaborators are working on a remarkable Learning Portfolio. The Learning Portfolio contains a number of learning modules covering the 16 major leadership themes that have emerged from the Linked-In forum.

Be The Difference. Be There.

These major leadership themes will now start to be presented to you, live, at the ItSo Café, in Porto. They are designed to help you TO BE THE DIFFERENCE.

ItSo Café will initially hold LCF’s ‘cappuccino’ sessions (relaxed and leisurely). These ‘cappuccino’ sessions will last up to two hours and start at 7:00pm. The session structure is loosely based on the following:

 45 minutes of presentational material (actual run time)
 75 minutes for questions, sharing dialogues, sharing ideas and networking

We also do shorter ‘espresso’ sessions (short, sharp and refreshing). These are primarily designed for CEOs and senior executives with less time on their hands.

ItSo Café

ItSo Café Owners are, themselves, representatives of the world. Jane Boogaard has her origins in Philippines, but was born in UK, while Robert is from Holland. They live in Porto, Portugal, and it just sounded natural when Jane asked a friend while seating by the Douro ‘Isn’t it lovely… Porto, I mean…?’.

Robert Boogaard is also devoted to helping people to grow their awareness, about themselves and life around them and to build new projects. He has a top scored blog http://www.empreendedorismopositivo.com/ and is the Founder of AdVENTURE. This is how he presents his company:

AdVENTURE is a business angel investor based in Portugal, led by entrepreneurs with many years of international success. We develop successful companies by investing our experience and €50,000 – €500,000 (co-invested) in high potential business start-ups and existing companies with significant growth potential.’

Luís Cochofel
Luís Cochofel is devoted to growing people and companies. He helps their TEAMS to generate, or be clear about, their MOTIVES for ACTION. He is the Owner of LC+DPE (www.luiscochofel.com) and the European Branch Operations Manager of theBIZconneXion.

theBIZconneXion is a website lounge that brings together projects and experts (skilled professionals) so that projects can be delivered faster and more effectively.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to be a visionary?

Are you ready to join the leadership renaissance?

We think you are.


One thought on “LEADERS CAFE FOUNDATION comes alive in Porto / Portugal

  1. Hi Luis cannot wait for next week well done you! I would like to submit an article to a local paper and was wondering how you sold the concept to this cafe how many pc’s who pays for them? who was invited and how..are they people who are or want to be leaders or just to share and make a difference are any of them students?…would be great to chat! Rgds sandy

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