The Conscience, The Reason and The Body had a meeting…

By Luís Cochofel




Jackie Elliot,

You’ve asked:


I have read your blog and found is very interesting. As you say it confirms my comments and the view of the majority of the people I mentor. I have a follow up question for you though…

how do you think the leader within a large corporation who has the qualities you identify

reconciles the inner person and ideals with those of the corporation, especially when (as often happens in large corps) the link to the vision and goal cannot always be seen?


(at this moment I – Luís – coughed twice, stood up, and went to my old hi-fi player: I’ll be listening to Rick Wakeman’s -1974- ‘Journey to the Centre of The Earth’, low volume…, while I write…)

Dear Jackie,

Two questions to start with this (that I will try to answer):

1. Why is he at the XL Corp?

In order to be a Leader at XL Corp, he needs to be a Leader of himself first. So, I assume he is there because his Conscience, his Reason and his Body, feel comfortable there. He is there because he WANTS to be there.

2. How has he reached such a POSITION, as a Leader?


  1. He was a very good technician at his function in the XL Corp, and, having shown engagement, and hard committed work towards his immediate goals, that have taken him to unquestionably good results;

2. He was selected, which we know has to happen through one of two ways:

a) Powerful friends in high levels at XL Corp; or

b) A great CV showing he definitely had the background, with the plus that he has shown in the interviews he was submitted to, that he knew all about the job and that his own characteristics as a communicator were there as needed.

In all cases he had to ‘produce’ the DECISION to take it!

Time passes by…





The Conscience, The Reason and The Body have a meeting…

A Play

One day, out of nothing, The Conscience sets up a meeting with The Reason and The Bodyand asks a question:

The Conscience: ‘What are WE doing here?’

Attached to this there are plenty of questions being asked, that The Reason: foresees:



The Reason: standing up, writes in the room’s IWBoard, using TheBrain:

What’s the purpose of all this?

Why am I here?

Who has bestowed upon me the right to make decisions, and tell people (The Body and other Teams) what they should do?

Who gives me the right to judge what others do?

The answers won’t have a large spectrum:

The Reason (looking straight into the eyes of The Conscience):

It’s because you’ve decided so!

You were the one who’s given us all rights!’

The Conscience: What’s wrong, if that is so?

The Reason: We’ll need to take a look outside of ourselves…:

The Conscience (who never looks surprised, whatever the answer is…):

Is it the XL Corp? Are the Corp’s values different from ours? Have those values changed?

The Reason: We’ll have to check that…

this meeting is over…

The Reason looks at The Body as if to say: ‘Now it’s time for us to set up an ACTION PLAN!’.

The Body feels warm, at this moment, once he knows he will participate in his own future. He is committed to help his Leader, The Conscience and his Manager, The Reason to go and find the answers this Team needs. Although he is an important part of the Team, all he does is what has been settled by the other two [1]. He knows, deep inside, that no matter what happens he will always stick to them…


[1]None of your clients will ever be like this… fortunately.




The Answer to JACKIE’s question (finally…)


(From time to time The Reason is not able to give an answer to ‘The Boss’, by himself or with the precious help of The Body – who leads a team in which there are, generally, two eyes, two hands, and two legs, amongst other operators. That’s when he calls you Jackie, or me – and I’m sure that there would be a few more people around the world, who would gladly take his call – to help him SEEING the answers.


What any of us will do is help him with two things:


Asking technical questions (technical from our point of view, of course – don’t try to say to an Engineer, that questions like ‘Do you firmly believe in the XL Corp’s Vision?’, or ‘Do you believe the XL Corp’s Board is honest about the Mission statement?’ are technical…);


Reminding him to write down his answers to those questions in a sheet of paper that is divided in two equal parts, one staying on the left and the other on the right: make him choose in which part he puts the negative thoughts about XL Corp, and ask him to consider the other one for the positive thoughts.

(one note here: if he chooses to write the positive thoughts on the left it will not be very good: in Eastern countries, at least, we are used to read the newspaper starting from left to right, but, if one is only looking for something he really doesn’t know where in the newspaper, his eyes will always look to the right in the first place… that’s why it is more expensive to advertise in that space… What I mean with this is that, if he chooses the left for positive he will be more focused on the negative thoughts than in those which are positively gluing him to his job)


Afterwards all we’ll do is help him to see which of the two parts of that sheet of paper weights more…


How? (did I hear anyone asking…?)


    Asking questions, like:


–    Can you overcome the obstacles produced by this negative thought?


–    Is there any Positive thought, that relates to that other negative one, that might be stronger?


And creating a system to define the weight of each answer.



    Taking another line, if the case is that your Client seems desperate:


–    What made you take your decision to take this job in this particular Company?


–    Can you, please, list those ideas – I will call them ‘paradigms’ from now on – that made you feel so confident as to share your name with XL Corp?


–    How many, from the initial set of paradigms you’ve build, have you confirmed as being true?


–    What have you done, in the past, so that those aspects you dislike could be changed?

–    Do you think that there is still time and space for that change for the better to happen?

–    Which should then be your next moves?


To Finish (finally)

I have to tell you that I’m not good in one-to-one relations (my seven previous wives can attest this – hey, hey, I’m joking… only two… and the second one is actually shouting something like ‘I never can count on you to set the table for dinner, can I?…’), but, at work, I can say that I am very good.

Mostly, I help people to focus on what was so positive that made them take the job in the first place… and those things that makes them feel happy, bringing warmth to their bodies.

If there are differences that are impossible to solve or overcome I’d vote for divorce.

When that is not the case, I will reinforce my Client’s Positive Thoughts about the Company and help him widening his awareness towards that.

(I really have to go: dinner is ready… and someone else has placed the towell and the dishes…)

I hope I have answered your question, and I want you, JACKIE, to know that I will always be available as to answer to any questions you might have!

(curtain closes)

On the corridor, in our way out, as I finally have your attention, I want to ask you:

‘I wonder… Will you allow me to publish this answer in my blog https://luiscochofel.wordpress.com ?, my dear…’

Note: JACKIE obviously did… Isn’t COLLABORATION amazing?


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