As a member of the Linked In group called Leader’s Cafe Foundation, born at Kwai Yu’s imagination, and grown by already so many interesting and interested persons, from all around the globe, I’m trying to contribute with ideas that turn our ‘private’ discussions and views into something that may be seen by everybody in a productive way.

We are basically discussing Leadership and the role of Leaders, but, as we do it, we are showing examples of real people doing real actions.


Some readers like to write;

Some others like to paint;

Some others like to take photographies;

Some others like to watch or prepare videos.

Why don’t we start some webpage in which whoever wants may come and tell a positive story showing an example of a Leader, that, once published, may not only be read by others, but accompanied by their way of expressing themselves (words, a painting, a picture, a video)?

I ‘see’ a webpage for everyone: a webpage that could be used by teachers at primary school to allow their students to share their opinions upon any example there, using their own creativity without restraints, or even to ask them to come and show ‘Who I will be when I grow up’; at the same time as it stands well organized so that professionals from whatever industry or background can come for a relaxed reading on valuable examples, sharing their comments or being able to ask their own questions.

Such a webpage should provide the normal tools enabling the action of writing, as well as those that make it possible to insert drawings, pictures and videos.

Is there any interest in this idea?

Can you help us developing it and turn it into something real? Strength in Numbers

One thought on “Ideas for Leader’s Cafe Foundation contributions to the World

  1. Hi Luis,

    I like the idea of the website But I thought that is what I hought it was going to be in anycase, unless ofcourse that is only my inderstanding of it.

    We can also hav seperate options for differntthins so as to incorporte all the talent that is there in the group.

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